Adding Azure Application Insights to your Site

Adding Azure Application Insights to your WordPress site is straight-forward with a great benefit to see how users access your site.

Plugin used:-

Why use Application Insights?

Application Insights has a range of benefits and uses in relation to monitoring of your application and site, in relation to – benefits of using Application Insights include:-

  • Usage Analysis:- View how users interact with your site
  • Profiler:- Inspect the execution profiles of sampled requests
  • Diagnostic Searching :- Search and filter events such as requests, exceptions, dependency calls, log traces, and page views.

How to setup

Create an Application Insights resource in your Azure Subscription, noting down the Instrumentation Key (found in resource overview)

Access your plugin installs, found <siteName>/wp-admin/plugin-install.php

Search for “Application Insights” and install as below

Now view site settings <siteName>/wp-admin/options-general.php and select Application Insights:

Enter Instrumentation Key as taken from your Application Insights resource & save.

Give some time and now live data and metrics will be viewable in Application Insights

A user flow of my blog within Application Insights


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