Create an Azure DevOps self-hosted linux agent virtual machine using Terraform

Using Azure DevOps & wanting to deploy an Azure DevOps self-hosted agent using Terraform? In this blog I will show you how by creating all the required Azure resources for IaaS self-hosted agent!

Why use an Azure DevOps self-hosted agent?

Numerous reasons to why you may want to use an self-hosted agent > Microsoft hosted agent; I will actually look at blogging this at a later stage. Some potential reasons & benefits:-

  • Microsoft hosted agents have a predefined 60 minute use per run
  • Self-hosted agents can be built to your specification of hardware
  • Custom software/packages etc can be pre-deployed; speeding up the build/deployment process
  • You own the self-hosted agent; patching/security updates are to be maintained

What will be deployed via Terraform?

  • Resource Group to where all related Azure DevOps self-hosted agent resources will be situated
  • Virtual Network (vNet)
  • Key Vault & Secret Generated (In this example; I will use password authentication for ssh access)
  • Virtual Machine & additional configuration for setup of Azure DevOps self-hosted agent
  • Network Security Group (NSG)


Prior to running the Terraform deployment; there is some prerequisites that are required to be setup/configured

  1. Generate a PAT token

Documented here & for now, store the token locally

2. Create new agent pool

In this example; I am going to be creating a new agent pool to where the self-hosted agent will be situated

Select Agent Pools within Organisation settings

Add pool similar to the below, I will be using thomasthorntoncloud

Time to Terraform!

Pull Terraform repository from here

Review, update PAT token as hi-lighted below (as Terraform is going to be ran locally – if it is going to be ran remote – we would need to review how this PAT token would be stored)

This – will:

  • Creates directory & download ADO agent install files
  • Perform unattended install
  • Configure the agent pool to run as a service (using user account: thomasthorntoncloud)
  • Start the service

# Creates directory & download ADO agent install files
mkdir myagent && cd myagent
tar zxvf vsts-agent-linux-x64-2.186.1.tar.gz

# Unattended install
./ --unattended \
  --agent "${AZP_AGENT_NAME:-$(hostname)}" \
  --url "" \
  --auth PAT \
  --token "<INSERT_TOKEN_HERE>" \
  --pool "thomasthorntoncloud" \
  --replace \
  --acceptTeeEula & wait $!

cd /home/thomasthorntoncloud/
#Configure as a service
sudo ./ install thomasthorntoncloud

#Start svc
sudo ./ start

Running Terraform locally!

Ensure you are in the Terraform Folder (review plan prior to accepting the apply)

tamops.tfvars will store the .tfvars required to build the environment


# Create Resource Group
rg_name = "thomasthorntoncloud-ado-agent"

# Create Virtual Network
vnet_name                     = "thomasthorntoncloud-ado-agent-vnet"
vnet_ip_address               = [""]
subnet_name_ado_agent         = "ado-agent-subnet"
subnet_name_ado_agent_address = ""

# Key Vault
key_vault_name = "thomasthorntoncloud-ado"

# Create Virtual Machine
vm_name               = "thomasthorntoncloud-ado-vm"
vm_private_ip_address = ""
vm_pip_name           = "thomasthorntoncloud-ado-agent-pip"
vm_username           = "thomasthorntoncloud"
vm_osdisk_name        = "thomasthorntoncloud-ado-vm-osdisk"

# Network Security Group
nsg_name = "thomasthorntoncloud-ado-vm-nsg"
terraform init
terraform apply --var-file tamops.tfvars

The Azure required resources will deploy

Reviewing the Azure DevOps Agent Pool thomasthorntoncloud – a new agent has been configured and showing as active – time to test with an example pipeline!

Example Azure DevOps pipeline (Notice the reference to pool:)

name: $(BuildDefinitionName)_$(date:yyyyMMdd)$(rev:.r)

pool: thomasthorntoncloud

# Don't run against PRs
pr: none

stages :
  - stage: Test
    - job: testexample
      continueOnError: false
        - task: Bash@3
          displayName: 'Test Echo'
            targetType: inline
            script: |
              echo "Testing ADO Agent"

The successful pipeline output

Awesome! Successfully deployed via Terraform an Azure DevOps self-hosted agent IaaS VM!

GitHub Repository for all code used


  1. Hi Thomas great post. I am still wondering where the agent gets connected to the vm.
    Can you explain this to me?

    1. Sorry for delay with this response..

      Check out the part in blog:

      “Review, update PAT token as hi-lighted below (as Terraform is going to be ran locally – if it is going to be ran remote – we would need to review how this PAT token would be stored)”


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