Running builds and releases in Azure DevOps using an Elgato Stream Deck

Recently I got an Elgato Stream Deck – they are awesome for Productivity! In this blog post I am going to show how you can run builds and releases in Azure DevOps by clicking on your Stream Deck and also the ability to autorefresh the status of builds & releases

Setting up Elgato Stream Deck

I am using this plugin within my setup – please note, as of writing this blog: This plugin currently works currently only on Windows devices.

Open your Stream Deck application & view the store plugins as below – install this plugin

Now the plugin is installed, back to the Stream Deck profile – currently I have created a table as below to show example

Setting up the plugin:

Build URL I will be using for example: – this will match the below

  • Title: Pipeline1
  • Organization name: thomasthorntoncloud
  • Project name:
  • PAT: Personal Access Token for Azure DevOps – please see here how to setup
  • Pipeline Type: Build
  • Definition ID: 16
  • Tap Action: Start build/release
  • Status Update frequency: Every 30 Seconds

Now if I press Pipeline1:

Reviewing in Azure DevOps, I can see the pipeline running:

Very cool!!

I’ve also created another option Status Check, to refresh the pipeline every X seconds, very cool!

Increasing this, I can monitor & run more pipelines! I have updated further & included some pipelines that are currently in a failed state!

A short blog post but thought i’d sure my findings – very cool 🙂 Stream Decks are awesome for Productivity – this is only one cool plugin that is available!


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