Power BI Gateway error when connecting to PostgreSQL fix

A very quick blog post to detail a quick fix I found when attempting to create a Power BI on-premise Gateway connectivity to PostgreSQL.

Setting up on-premise gateway and applying fix

Setting up a standard on-premise gateway for data integration, following this guide from docs.microsoft

Setup installs fine – when attempting to setup a new data source in https://app.powerbi.com/groups/me/gateways – I came across the below error:

tamops-azure-onprem: Please install Npgsql version or earlier.

I Installed v4.0.10 from this GitHub URL & attempted the test of the new data source again, same error!

How did I fix?

Enabling the below Npgsql GAC Installation & restarting the VM!

New data source now available and Online!

A very quick blog post, hopefully this assists you if you come across this error 🙂

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