Learn Terraform and deploy to Azure using self-led GitHub Repository

I have been asked a lot recently on how to learn the basics of Terraform and deploy into Azure, I have now created a self-led GitHub repository tutorial/course to give you an understanding on deploying Terraform on Azure from the basics of Terraform to deploying to Azure!

The GitHub repository


What you will learn

This self-lead journey is broken down into 7 sections:

  1. Terraform Basics
  • Terraform Installation
  • Terraform Basic Commands
  • Introduction to Terraform resources
  • Using Terraform Azure Provider
  1. Terraform Variables
  • Introduction to Terraform Variables
  • Terraform tfvars
  • Local Variables
  1. Terraform State
  • Introduction to Terraform State
  • Local vs Remote State
  1. Terraform Advanced
  • Depends On
  • For Each
  • Count
  • Conditional Expressions
  • Dynamic Blocks
  1. Secret Management in Azure
  • Introduction to Azure Key Vault
  • Introduction to Azure Key Vault Secrets
  • Deploying Secrets to Azure Key Vault using Terraform
  1. Terraform Modules
  • Introduction to Terraform Modules
  • Using Terraform Modules & deploying
  1. Terraform AzAPI
  • Introduction to Terraform AzAPI
  • Using Terraform AzAPI & deploying

How to use the self-lead repo & format

This repo is broken down into 7 sections, each section has a README.md file that will guide you through the self-lead. Each section may have a number of README.md files that will guide you through the section. These are also numbered to help you navigate.

Please do start from the beginning and work your way through the self-lead setup. Starting at 1 and working your way through to 7.

As you work through the self-lead, you will be asked to run various terraform. Please ensure you are in the correct terraform directory when running the terraform commands. (You will learn how to do this in section 3 terraform state) – Also remember to destroy your resources when you are done in each section.

Request a new tutorial / feature in this repo

Please do reach out to me or raise an issue on the GitHub repo if you are wanting me to include additional content – I feel it will be a continous work in progress to give you an understanding of Terraform while giving you the ability to deploy resources into Azure!

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