Azure Slack Channels

I’ve made a list of Slack channels that I am currently part of that are Microsoft Azure related!

Always a great way for open discussions and sharing information!

Ask an Azure Architect Slack –

“We created this slack channel in an effort to foster a community, old and new, of users, customers, partners and employees who are using Azure. Here we share best practices, help work through designs and questions, share relevant content and help each other out.”

Azured Slack –

“For Azure flavoured chat, help, support and occasional banter”

Azure Stack Slack –

“Azurestackblog is a slack team for the Azure Stack community”

Build Azure Slack –

“A global channel to discuss all things Azure related”

Azure DevOps Club –

“A community of friendly professionals talking about all things Azure Devops (formerly known as VSTS and TFS)”

Azure Developers Slack –

“Slack channel for Azure Developers”

PowerShell Slack –

“Slack for all things PowerShell”

Have I missed an active Azure related Slack channel? Give me a shout on Twitter and I will add the channel to this list!


  1. Hi, I’m trying to get an invite for the Powershell Slack channel but all the urls I’ve come across doesn’t seem to work. Wondering if you could help me out? Thanks in advance!

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