Azure:- Schedule VM startup/shutdown times

No Powershell/AzureCLI experience? Don’t worry, Azure have created a solution to Start/Stop VMs during office hours without any coding required

A great solution for cost saving, no need to have VMs running when they are not going to be used.

I will document on how to enable this solution:-

  1. An automation account and Log Analytics workspace is required. I have created tamopsAutomation & tamopsWorkspace
  2. Select Start/Stop VM under Related Resources


3. This will open the Start/Solution solution, as this has not created – you will need to create this. Select Manage this solution


4. Now search for start/stop VM solution – click create & assign your workspace to this.


5. Configure VM Runbook parameters


  • Target Resource Group: Can use wild card “*” to target all ResourceGroups or specific Resource Groups separated by a comma
  • VM Exclude List: Include VMs that you do not want to be powered off using this solution
  • Schedule: Configure daily start and stop times
  • Email functionality: Configure if required, email addresses separated by a comma

7. Click validate and now your solution will build.

A simple solution to start/stop virtual machines without the need to code any script!

What you have created following this tutorial:

  • Automation Account
  • Log Analytics Workspace
  • Azure Alerts to assist with Solution
  • Start/Stop VM Solution


    1. This is Good, I have a scenario like 60 vms is up and running and want to shut down if users are less then no of Vm’ to achieve it.The above scenario may impact if all user using beyond that timeline

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