Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-102 Preparation Tips And Study Notes

This exam is a transition for those who have already passed 70-533.
AZ-102 exam is based on both AZ-100: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment & AZ-101: Microsoft Azure Integration and Security. Exam questions weighing in roughly 50/50 from both exams.

AZ:100 exam topics covered:

  • Manage Azure Subscriptions and Resources (5-10%)
  • Implement and Manage Storage (5-10%)
  • Configure and Manage Virtual Networks (15-20%)
  • Manage Identities (15-20%)

AZ:101 exam topics covered:

  • Evaluate and Perform Server Migration to Azure (15-20%)
  • Implement and Manage Application Services (5-10%)
  • Implement Advanced Virtual Networking (5-10%)
  • Secure Identities (5-10%)

A broad range of topics above, later in my blog I will include a list of study notes I used to prepare in each area including additional links that I think will be relevant.

Knowing the topics is one thing, knowing how to apply them in specific scenarios is another! Unfamiliar with a specific topic or area? I recommend deploying each resource into Azure, view the settings and look at why they may be deployed over a similar resource. Read my blog on Microsoft Azure:- Exam Preparation Tips

A general understanding of the following areas is highly recommended:

  • Azure Portal
  • AzureCLI
  • Powershell
  • ARM Templates
  • Hyper-V & Virtualisation on-premise configurations
  • Networking
  • VPN

AZ-100 Study notes
Manage Azure Subscriptions and Resources (5-10%)

Analyze resource utilization and consumption
Collect & Consume Log Data From Your Azure Resources
Enable Diagnostic Settings Using ARM
Monitoring Data Collected By Azure Monitor
Monitor Subscription Activity With The Azure Activity Log
Collect Data About Azure Virtual Machines
View Service Notifications
Azure Policy
Azure Advisor

Create Action Groups
Creating An Action Group
Action Group Limits
Create Action Group Using ARM

Create baseline for resources; create and rest alerts; analyze alerts across subscription & analyze metrics across subscription
Create, View And Manage Metric Alerts Using Azure Monitor
Create Metric Alerts For Logs In Azure Monitor
Configure Alerts On Log Analytics Query
Configure Alerts On Activity Log Event
Configure Alerts On Service Notification
Manage Alerts Using Alerts Resource
Azure Monitor Metrics Explorer

Monitor for used resources; Monitor spend & report on spend
Manage Usage And Estimated Costs In Azure
Manage Usage And Costs For Application Insights
Manage usage and costs for Log Analytics
Cost Management Reports Using Cloudyn
Preventing Unexpected Costs
Setup Spending Limit
Ways To Monitor Your Costs Including Resource Tagging
Reducing Cost Including Monitoring For Unused Resources

Utilize Log Search Query Functions & View Alerts In Log Analytics
Viewing And Analysing Data In Log Analytics
OMS Portal Moving To Azure
Analyse Log Analytics Data In Azure Monitor
Creating Log Analytics Workspace
Alerting On Log Analytics Data

Implement And Manage Storage (5-10%)

Create Azure file Share; Create Azure File Sync Service; Create Azure Sync Group & Troubleshoot Azure File Sync
How To Create An Azure File Share
Deploy Azure Files Including Prerequisites
Deploy Azure File Sync
Azure File Sync Firewall Settings
Planning For A File Sync Deployment
Manage Registered Servers With File Sync
Troubleshooting Azure Files (Windows)
Troubleshooting Azure File Sync

Configure And Manage Virtual Networks (15-20%)

Create Connectivity Between Virtual Networks

Create And Configure VNET Peering; Create And Configure VNET To VNET; Verify Virtual Network Connectivity & Create Virtual Network Gateway
Virtual Network Peering Overview
VNET Peering How To Via Portal
Another VNET Peering Example Via Portal
Global VNET Peering
Change Or Delete A VNET Peer Including Requirements And Constraints
Verify VNET Peer Connectivity
Azure VPN Gateway Overview
Azure VPN Gateway Creation And Manage

Configure Name Resolution

Configure Azure DNS; configure custom DNS settings & configure DNS zones
What Is Azure DNS?
Configure Azure DNS Settings Via Portal
DNS Zones And Records
Private DNS Scenarios
Tutorial: Host Your Domain In Azure DNS
Tutorial: Create Private Azure DNS Zone And Records
Tutorial: Create An Alias Record To Refer To A Zone

Manage Identities (15-20%)

Manage Azure Active Directory (AD)

Add custom domains
Adding an Azure Custom Domain
Managing Custom Domains

Configure Azure AD Identity Protection
What is Azure AD Identity Protection?
Enable Azure AD Identity Protection
Configure MFA Registration Policy
Block Access When Session Risk Is Detected
Unblocking User
Azure AD Identity Protection FAQ

Azure AD Join and Enterprise State Roaming
Adding Device Using Azure AD Join
Plan Your Azure AD Join Implementation
What Is Enterprise State Roaming?
Enable Enterprise Station Roaming

Configure Self-Service Password Reset And Implement Conditional Access Policies
Configure Self-Service Password Reset
Deploying Self-Service Password Reset Example
How Does The Azure AD Self-Service Password Reset Work?
What Is Conditional Access In Azure AD?
Azure AD Baseline Protection
Azure AD Conditions
Azure AD Location Conditions
Azure AD Controls
Best Practices For Conditional Access In Azure AD

Manage Multiple Directories & Perform Access Review
Managing Multiple Directories
What Are Azure AD Access Reviews?
Create An Access Review
Start An Access Review
Complete An Access Review

Implement And Manage Hybrid Identities

Install And Configure Azure AD Connect; Configure Federation and Single Sign-On; Manage Azure AD Connect; Manage Password Sync And Writeback
What Is Azure AD Connect?
Install AD Connect With Password Hash Sync
Running The Installation Wizard A Second Time
Azure AD Connect Design Concepts
Manage Federation With Azure AD Connect
Multiple Domain Support For Federating
Factors In Relation To Performance Of AD Connect
Azure AD Connect: Configure Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On FAQ
Azure AD Connect Health Operations

AZ-101 Study notes
Evaluate And Perform Server Migration to Azure (15-20%)

Evaluate migration scenarios by using Azure Migrate

Discover And Assess Environment; Identify Workloads That Can And Cannot Be Deployed; Identify Ports To Open; Identify Changes To Network; Identify If Target Environment Is Supported; Setup Domain Accounts And Credentials
Why Use Azure Migrate And Limitations Including Portal Requirements
Discover And Access On-Premise VMware VMs For Migration To Azure
The Collector Appliance
Assessment Calculations Including Identifying If Target Environment Is Supported
Migration Example Includes Domain Accounts Configuration
Best Practices For Securing And Managing Workloads Migrated To Azure
Best Practices To Setup Networking For Workloads Migrated To Azure
Best Practices For Costing And Sizing Workloads Migrated To Azure
Troubleshoot Azure Migrate

Migrate Servers To Azure

Migrate By Using Azure Site Recovery (ASR); Migrate Using P2V; Configure Storage; Create A Backup Vault; Prepare Source And Target Environments; Backup And Restore Data; Deploy Azure Site Recovery (ASR) Agent; Prepare Virtual Network
About Azure Site Recovery
Replicate An Azure VM To Another Region
Setup Azure Site Recovery To Azure For On-Premises Servers (P2V)
Azure Site Recovery FAQ
Physical Server To Azure Architecture
Prepare Azure For On-Premise Replication (Creating Storage & Backup Vault)
Backup Vault Configuration
Migrate On-Premise Machines To Azure
Setup Source Environment
Setup Target Environment
Run Failover And Fail-back
Setup Target Network
Setup IP Addressing For Failover

Implement And Manage Application Services (5-10%)

Configure Serverless Computing

Create And Manage Objects
What Is Serverless Computing?
Compare Messaging Services (Event Grid, Event Hub, Service Bus)

Manage A Logic App Resource
What is Azure Logic Apps?
Create Logic App Using Azure Portal
Check Traffic On A Schedule With Logic App
Connectors For Logic Apps
Manage A Logic App
Monitor A Logic App

Manage Azure Function App Settings
About Azure Functions
Create Function Using Azure Portal
Function Trigger By Blob Storage
Functions With Logic Apps
Functions Scale And Hosting
Optimise Performance

Manage Event Grid
What Is Event Grid?
Monitor Virtual Machine Changes Using Event Grid And Logic App
Event Grid Concepts

Manage Service Bus
What Is Service Bus Messaging?
Service Bus Samples
Service Bus Create A Name Space
Queues, Topics And Subscriptions

Implement Advanced Virtual Networking (5-10%)

Monitor On-Premises Connectivity; Use Network Resource Monitoring And Network Watcher; Manage External Networking And Virtual Network Connectivity
Azure Network Watcher 
Network Watcher VM Extension
Determine Latency Between A Location And Azure Region
Monitor Network Performance
Troubleshoot VPN Connectivity Problems
Log VM Network Traffic
Diagnose A VM Routing Problem
Monitor Communication Between VMs
On-Premise Connectivity
View Network Topology Of Azure Virtual Network
NSG Flow Logs
Read NSG Flow Logs

Secure Identities (5-10%)

Enable MFA For An Azure Tenant; Configure User Accounts For MFA; Configure Fraud Alerts; Configure Bypass Options; Configure Trusted IPs; Configure Verification Methods; Manage Role-Based Access Control (RBAC); Implement RBAC Policies; Assign RBAC Roles; Create A Custom Role; Configure Access To Azure Resources By Assigning Roles; Configure Management Access To Azure
How MFA works
MFA Licensing
Eliminate Bad Passwords
Resilient Access Controls
Configure User Accounts For MFA
User And Device Settings
Configure MFA Authentication Settings
Azure AD MFA With Radius
Configure The Custom Banned Password List
Azure AD MFA Fraud Alerts
Azure AD MFA Verification Methods
Azure AD MFA Trusted IPs
What is RBAC?
Understand RBAC Roles
View Roles Per User
Grant Access For A User – Azure Portal
Conditional Access For Azure Management
Custom Roles

Completed the study list & ready for the exam?

I have used Mindhub practice exams – sitting a practice exam will give you a good indication into how your studying is going.

Thank you for reading this blog, its thorough and hopefully will help you with passing AZ-102, give me a shout on Twitter on how you get on along if this blog has helped you!


  1. how did you find the mindhub practice exam? the 2 comments that were left on that exam say it wasnt very good

    1. Hi Teddy, it was ok – have you had a look at Udemy? I did sit the Az-302 practice exam Scott Duffy wrote after I passed 302. If it’s anything to go by, would be a good indicator

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