Microsoft OpenHack DevOps Paris

I had the pleasure of attending a 3 day Microsoft OpenHack in Paris, primarily based on Kubernetes and focusing on DevOps practices to achieve Zero Downtime deployments, this includes from the initial build of the container into Azure Container Registry to a successful release - Building a complete CI/CD pipeline. This was a rather tense … Continue reading Microsoft OpenHack DevOps Paris

Azure Automation:- PowerShell DSC

Using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) within your Azure environment? I recommend looking at using Azure Automation to assist you with this! The Azure Automation account which will hold DSC configurations and compiled configs along with imported modules acts as the DSC "pull server". Along with this, has a great User Interface to check if … Continue reading Azure Automation:- PowerShell DSC

Azure Functions:- PowerShell Hashtable to apply App Settings using AzureCLI

Need to apply a list of App Settings to your Azure Function? Application Settings can be used to store numerous values within your Azure Function, can also be used to store potential passwords. Application Settings are encrypted at rest and transmitted over an encrypted channel. You can choose to display them in plain text in … Continue reading Azure Functions:- PowerShell Hashtable to apply App Settings using AzureCLI

Azure Functions:- Creating a PowerShell Function using Azure CLI

Want to run small snippets of code in the cloud? Without the need to deploy adequate infrastructure to do so? With Azure Functions, this can be achieved! All you need is to write the code and let Azure worry about the back-end infrastructure to run your code A range of languages are supported by functions … Continue reading Azure Functions:- Creating a PowerShell Function using Azure CLI

Azure Resource Tags

Azure Resource Tags can assist you in organising your Azure subscription, including billing! Running all your workloads from Development to Production on the one subscription? Resource tags will be beneficial to organise the structure between these different environments! Further uses of Resource Tags may be to group resources per department or team? As mentioned above, … Continue reading Azure Resource Tags

Azure RBAC:- Creating a custom role

What is RBAC in Azure? Role Based Access Control, whenever you can see a resource within Azure Portal you have the correct RBAC role to be able to view the resource or even edit it. Three basic types of RBAC roles: Owner: Full access to all resources including the ability to delegate access to other … Continue reading Azure RBAC:- Creating a custom role