Recommended Microsoft Learn Modules to kick start your Azure Learning

Quite often I am asked about what recommended courses to work on in relation to kick start your further learning of Azure.

I have now added these recommended modules and learning paths into this blog post to assist you.

Why Microsoft Learn?

Microsoft Learn was introduced a few years ago and is a great learning platform it includes learning modules and interactive tutorials throughout to assist you in your learning.

Self-paced learning, you can decide what module to learn and even part of the module.

All content is organized by a learning path, giving you an end-to-end view of a technology area and ensuring that you build a comprehensive skillset.

Learning paths consist of step-by-step tutorials with interactive coding environments that provide free fixed-time access to Azure resources – without requiring a credit card.

As you use Microsoft Learn, you can track progress, check knowledge, and validate deployments to earn points, levels, achievements, and trophies.

Modules I recommend to assist you in kick starting your Azure Learning

Module:- Cloud Concepts – Principles of cloud computing

Module:- Security, responsibility and trust in Azure

Module:- Security, responsibility and trust in Azure

Module:- Core Cloud Services

Module:- Predict costs and optimise spending in Azure

Module:- Design for Security in Azure

Module:- Align requirements with cloud types and service models in Azure

Learning Path:- Architect great solutions in Azure

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