Logic Apps – RSS Feeds to Twitter

What are Logic Apps? A little resource with a big outcome, Logic Apps assist you with automated workflow; scheduling, automating, coposing a task or even rewiting a task. Sounds good? Lets continue! Examples of Logic Apps include:- Auto tier Azure Blobs based on last modified timeReceive emails about new Tweets with certain key wordsPost a … Continue reading Logic Apps – RSS Feeds to Twitter

Azure Dashboards

Centralise your queried data graphs/charts etc with Azure Dashboards - such a powerful resource within Microsoft Azure! A fully customisable user interface within a dashboard type environment, this should be configured for a "first-stop" for your team(s) to keep an eye on:- metrics, graphs and data within these dashboards. Why Azure Dashboards? Simple to createFull … Continue reading Azure Dashboards

Azure Automation:- PowerShell DSC

Using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) within your Azure environment? I recommend looking at using Azure Automation to assist you with this! The Azure Automation account which will hold DSC configurations and compiled configs along with imported modules acts as the DSC "pull server". Along with this, has a great User Interface to check if … Continue reading Azure Automation:- PowerShell DSC

Creating a WordPress Site Using Azure WebApp & MySQL

Want to start blogging? Lets create a simple WordPress site hosted on a WebApp along with a MySQL DB With a few Azure CLI commands you will have the basics up and running, pretty cool - eh? Secondly, the configuration is totally stateless as you will be configuring both an Azure WebApp and Azure Database … Continue reading Creating a WordPress Site Using Azure WebApp & MySQL

Azure Managed Identities

Keeping credentials safe and secure has always been a priority, even more so when in the cloud – quite a potential challenge this can be within your application, virtual machine or requirements to authenticate to additional cloud services Within Microsoft Azure, using managed identities is one of the security precautions can assist you with the … Continue reading Azure Managed Identities