Creating Azure Service Health Alerts in PowerShell

Azure Service Health provides you with an interactive dashboard that primarily tracks the health of your Azure Services in the regions that you have deployed to. There are three types of health events that are tracked: Health Advisories:- Changes in Azure Services that require your attention, such as quota usage being exceeded or Azure resources … Continue reading Creating Azure Service Health Alerts in PowerShell

Azure Dashboards

Centralise your queried data graphs/charts etc with Azure Dashboards - such a powerful resource within Microsoft Azure! A fully customisable user interface within a dashboard type environment, this should be configured for a "first-stop" for your team(s) to keep an eye on:- metrics, graphs and data within these dashboards. Why Azure Dashboards? Simple to createFull … Continue reading Azure Dashboards

Azure Automation:- PowerShell DSC

Using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) within your Azure environment? I recommend looking at using Azure Automation to assist you with this! The Azure Automation account which will hold DSC configurations and compiled configs along with imported modules acts as the DSC "pull server". Along with this, has a great User Interface to check if … Continue reading Azure Automation:- PowerShell DSC

Azure Resource Tags

Azure Resource Tags can assist you in organising your Azure subscription, including billing! Running all your workloads from Development to Production on the one subscription? Resource tags will be beneficial to organise the structure between these different environments! Further uses of Resource Tags may be to group resources per department or team? As mentioned above, … Continue reading Azure Resource Tags

Microsoft FutureDecoded 2018

I had the pleasure of attending this two day event "Microsoft FutureDecoded" in London Excel, thanks to @kainossoftware for sending me. The two days consisted of multiple Keynotes and numerous breakout sessions, infact over 100 of these! Day1 opened with a keynote consisting off: Michael Wignall - Microsoft UK CTO Cindy Rose - Microsoft UK … Continue reading Microsoft FutureDecoded 2018

Azure Automation Account Logging to Log Analytics using AzureRM

There may be a need to log the activity of an Azure Automation Account to Log Analytics, this can of course be done via the Portal but, if deploying in true automated fashion - it would be preferable to implemented via code. These log categories will be configured along with All Metrics:- JobLogs JobStreams DSCNodeStatus … Continue reading Azure Automation Account Logging to Log Analytics using AzureRM

NPS Server Configuration To Integrate with Azure MFA:- Part3 (PowerShell)

Last of the NPS integration with Azure MFA blogs, this will include using PowerShell for installation of the Radius Configuration from a backup along with additional snippets of PowerShell to potentially help you to automate your own NPS server build. Installation of NPS Server Role Install-WindowsFeature NPAS -IncludeManagementTools Configure and add RadiusClients The below Password … Continue reading NPS Server Configuration To Integrate with Azure MFA:- Part3 (PowerShell)