Deploying Terraform from develop to production consecutively using Azure DevOps

In this blog post, I am going to be diving further into deploying Azure Resources with Terraform using Azure DevOps with a CI/CD perspective in mind. I am going to show how you can deploy a develop & production terraform…

Network Security Group Rule Creation using Terraform

In this blog post I am going to create a set of Network Security Group rules in Terraform using the resource azurerm_network_security_rule and rather than copying this resource multiple times I will show how you can iterate over the same resource multiple times using for_each meta-argument in Terraform.

Validating Terraform Code During A Pull Request In Azure DevOps

I will show how to create a branch policy that will run a CI pipeline to validate Terraform code along with a Terraform plan, during a Pull Request in Azure DevOps and will include the YAML CI Pipeline. Branch policies…

Deploy ARM template using Terraform

Deploy ARM template using Terraform

Deploy Terraform using Azure DevOps

Using Terraform to deploy your Azure resources is becoming more and more popular; in some instances overtaking the use of ARM to deploy into Azure. I will show you in this blog how you can deploy your Azure Resources created…