Azure Dashboards

Centralise your queried data graphs/charts etc with Azure Dashboards - such a powerful resource within Microsoft Azure! A fully customisable user interface within a dashboard type environment, this should be configured for a "first-stop" for your team(s) to keep an eye on:- metrics, graphs and data within these dashboards. Why Azure Dashboards? Simple to createFull … Continue reading Azure Dashboards

Azure Key Vault:- 5 ways to secure

Using Azure Key Vault to store your secrets , encryption keys or even certificate data? Have a read of this blog, I will be discussing 5 ways on how to secure your Key Vault from network restriction to key rotation. As mentioned by Microsoft, access to a key vault is controlled via two types of … Continue reading Azure Key Vault:- 5 ways to secure

Microsoft OpenHack DevOps Paris

I had the pleasure of attending a 3 day Microsoft OpenHack in Paris, primarily based on Kubernetes and focusing on DevOps practices to achieve Zero Downtime deployments, this includes from the initial build of the container into Azure Container Registry to a successful release - Building a complete CI/CD pipeline. This was a rather tense … Continue reading Microsoft OpenHack DevOps Paris

Azure Certification Journey

A comprehensive blog detailing the current available Azure Certifications and the pathway that leads to them. Are you new to Azure? If you have answered yes to the above, I do not recommend attempting any Microsoft Azure exams just yet, they are tough! Don’t pressure yourself and enjoy what Azure has to offer before you … Continue reading Azure Certification Journey

Azure Automation:- PowerShell DSC

Using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) within your Azure environment? I recommend looking at using Azure Automation to assist you with this! The Azure Automation account which will hold DSC configurations and compiled configs along with imported modules acts as the DSC "pull server". Along with this, has a great User Interface to check if … Continue reading Azure Automation:- PowerShell DSC

Azure Functions:– Using PowerShell to automatically Tweet a random Blog Post from Table Storage

I have now got 30+ Blog posts, all of which I would want to share via Twitter on a repetitive basis, say for example 3 times a week. Yes, I could use TweetDeck or potentially another third-party tool but this is manual configuration as to what Tweet to send and when, I just want to … Continue reading Azure Functions:– Using PowerShell to automatically Tweet a random Blog Post from Table Storage

Microsoft Ignite:- UK Tour

I recently attend the Microsoft Ignite UK Tour, which was a two day event in the London Excel arena. An event focused on Microsoft's Azure and Office 365 offerings, consisting of 100+ deep-dive sessions and workshops along with 350+ experts! Sessions attended: Deploying your application faster and saferProtecting Apps and data on AzureSelecting the right … Continue reading Microsoft Ignite:- UK Tour