Microsoft Ignite:- UK Tour

I recently attend the Microsoft Ignite UK Tour, which was a two day event in the London Excel arena. An event focused on Microsoft's Azure and Office 365 offerings, consisting of 100+ deep-dive sessions and workshops along with 350+ experts! Sessions attended: Deploying your application faster and saferProtecting Apps and data on AzureSelecting the right … Continue reading Microsoft Ignite:- UK Tour

Azure Functions:- Creating a PowerShell Function using Azure CLI

Want to run small snippets of code in the cloud? Without the need to deploy adequate infrastructure to do so? With Azure Functions, this can be achieved! All you need is to write the code and let Azure worry about the back-end infrastructure to run your code A range of languages are supported by functions … Continue reading Azure Functions:- Creating a PowerShell Function using Azure CLI

Azure Resource Tags

Azure Resource Tags can assist you in organising your Azure subscription, including billing! Running all your workloads from Development to Production on the one subscription? Resource tags will be beneficial to organise the structure between these different environments! Further uses of Resource Tags may be to group resources per department or team? As mentioned above, … Continue reading Azure Resource Tags

Azure RBAC:- Creating a custom role

What is RBAC in Azure? Role Based Access Control, whenever you can see a resource within Azure Portal you have the correct RBAC role to be able to view the resource or even edit it. Three basic types of RBAC roles: Owner: Full access to all resources including the ability to delegate access to other … Continue reading Azure RBAC:- Creating a custom role

Azure DNS:- Creating a Private DNS Zone

Azure DNS is a resource to host Domain Name System (DNS) in Azure, with this comes: Ultra-high availability Fast DNS queriesFurther redundancy of DNS due to Azure DNS being classified with ultra-high availability No additional Virtual Machine (VM) to act as a DNS server if further Active Directory Integration is not requiredAbility to automate and … Continue reading Azure DNS:- Creating a Private DNS Zone

Creating a WordPress Site Using Azure WebApp & MySQL

Want to start blogging? Lets create a simple WordPress site hosted on a WebApp along with a MySQL DB With a few Azure CLI commands you will have the basics up and running, pretty cool - eh? Secondly, the configuration is totally stateless as you will be configuring both an Azure WebApp and Azure Database … Continue reading Creating a WordPress Site Using Azure WebApp & MySQL